Gesture Interface for Domestic Spaces

The present work was made in the framework of the Counter Entropy House project, an energy-efficient solar-powered house built for the Solar Decathlon competition. Therefore, the context of use of the developed interface is the domestic space. Besides common home automation applications, e.g. to control lights and doors, the concept of microinteractions was used to provide the inhabitant with additional, often used and helpful functions, such as an audio reminder or the control of music. In addition to the proposed gesture input based on the pie menu, also deictic gesture input was used. This feature allows the user to select the object he wants to control by pointing at it. A kitchen table was used as an ubiquitous everyday surface. The depth-sensor and the projector were hidden within a lamp above the table. The supposed application of the described system is not limited to a table, but can also be applied to a wall or other everyday surfaces.

Golod, Ivan, Heidrich, Felix, Möllering, Christian & Ziefle, Martina (2013). Design Principles of Hand Gesture Interfaces for Microinteractions. DPPI '13, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces, New York, ACM, pp. 11-20. ISBN 978-1-4503-2192-1

With only a few changes we customized the system for the use on a armrest: