The Big Bang. Interactive Installation

Experimenting with kinects and multiprojections, we always wanted to visualise something that can let people wondering about this phenomena for a while. Something that can explain complexity with in a simple visual way, but still stays magic and wonderful. The Big Bang Theory was the most suitable theme for that. In our interactive installation is thought for the big public space, such as science museum or indoor public space. Using such software as Processing, Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, we show the long way of the first element in our Universe – the Hydrogen from the Beginning (actually, after the Big bang) to the organic habitat in our DNA. Hydrogen in our DNA bonds are really 14 Milliards years old, isn’t it awesome? In this installation we tried to offer people to catch the small atoms of Hydrogen into the DNA interacting together. Because we are made of the same material – the star dust, or even the Big Bang dust. Because we all are one.
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